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Sonnabend, 23. Juli 2022, 18:50 Uhr

Poster and flyer invite to events

Not only the days are hot at the moment, but also the preparations for the glass exhibition GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN in Munster from August 27 to September 18, 2022 are in full swing. After the participating artists have supplied all the necessary data of their artworks for the exhibition and the catalog, the detailed work begins for the preparation team around Andrea Holz in the town hall. Thus, the allocation and placement of the exhibits for the exhibition areas around the Ollershof and the St.Urbani-Wiese has been done. The planning of the design for the exhibition areas in the public library and the St.Urbani church follows. Among other things, the preparation of the advertising measures is running in parallel. Advertisements have been placed, press releases have been sent out and the homepage is being continuously updated.

Now the poster and the flyer with the event program for the exhibition were presented by Mayor Ulf-Marcus Grube, Andrea Holz and Rudolf Horst. In the design of the print media, attention was deliberately paid to the recognition value through, for example, the renewed use of the logo and similar color scheme of the flyer and the poster. Also the supporters of the exhibition are mentioned and the flyer contains additional information about the exhibition and the event program. The flyers will be available in the next few days in tourist establishments, restaurants and shops, public institutions as well as museums and galleries.

Flyer and poster decorate different motives. While the poster advertises the exhibition in three different sizes and motifs, the sculpture "Queen" by Marion Hempel on the flyer arouses curiosity, especially since the "King" is also waiting for visitors in the exhibition. The glass artists Jan Vyskocil, who ran the glass workshop and gallery on the Örtze in Munster for a year as a scholarship holder, and Maximilian Schlott, a participant in GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN 2016, will be on site with their mobile melting furnace and will allow visitors to look over their shoulders as they blow glass and work with hot glass during the exhibition. The works of art they have produced, as well as smaller works of art by other glass artists, can be purchased at the Galerie an der Örtze during the exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition with the awarding of the art prize will take place on Saturday, August 27 at 4 p.m. in front of St. Urbani Church, but the artists can already be observed setting up their works of art in the morning and on Friday. "Jazz in the Garden" with Berliners Inka Janßen and Veronika Vogel and the announcement of the audience award will close the exhibition on September 18 at Ollershof.

It is obvious that the exhibition within the listed ensemble "Ollershof" and the also listed St. Urban Church will be invited to the Open Monument Day on September 11. The program includes grinding demonstrations in the water mill, exhibitions of beekeepers, actions of glass artists and of course music, coffee and culinary delights. In addition, the Erlebniswerkstatt Buchdruck-Museum Soltau e.V. will offer the production of "personalized glass landing places". Already on August 28, a living room concert to love and peace songs by Karl-Heinz Bomberg and Erika Kunz will take place at 6 p.m. in the Ollershof.

The 12th exhibition Glass Sculpture and Garden thus promises again this year a pleasure for all senses: contemporary glass art on a high level, spherical sounds at the Ollershof, music and culinary delicacies during the events. Admission to all events is free of charge.

The exhibition catalog will be published on the opening day and can be purchased at the Galerie an der Örtze, Lüneburger Straße 9 and at the restaurant "Zur Wassermühle", Lünebuger Straße 7.