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Mittwoch, 21. September 2022, 11:02 Uhr

Closing of GLAPLASTIK UND GARTEN and awarding of the Public Prize 2022

On Sunday, 18.09.2022, the 12th International Exhibition GLASS PLASTICS AND GARDEN was drawing to a close. From 1 p.m. onwards, the closing programme started at the Ollershof with coffee and cake and other hearty offerings while Susanne Braun made glass jewellery at the small burner in the bakehouse and the glassblowers demonstrated their craft and art for the last time at the glass workshop. This was followed by musical accompaniment by "Jazz in the garden" by Inka Janßen and Veronika Vogel with saxophone, guitar and vocals.

At 4 pm, Mayor Ulf-Marcus Grube welcomed the numerous guests as well as the many participating artists and summarised the exhibition in a few figures:

The set-up phase began with temperatures of up to 29 degrees during the day. During the exhibition, the weather slowly changed, so that there were also nighttime lows of only 7 degrees. The opening of the exhibition and the awarding of the 2022 Art Prize on Sunday, 27.08.2022 in front of St. Urbani Church then took place at a pleasant 22 degrees.

23 days of glass art in Munster have shown how interesting, active and committed our town is. Many thousands of visitors have sought and found their way to Munster to see this exhibition.

GLASS PLASTICS AND GARDEN meant: 43 international artists, 129 works of glass art, 72 of them in public space, spread over the meadow around the Ollershof and on the lawn of the St.Urbani church. In addition, 57 smaller works of glass could be shown in the municipal library and the St.Urbani church.

The glass workshop was open daily during the exhibition period. Visitors were able to look over the shoulders of the glassblowers under the direction of Maximilian Schlott and Jan Vyskocil for over 180 hours as they worked in the mobile melting furnace. The Galerie an der Örtze, run as a branch of Munster Touristik, was also open for over 200 hours during this period and thus served as an information point for visitors, a contact point for the participating artists and also as a sales point for glass art.

As of 17.08.2022, over 54 sales contracts have already been written. This far exceeds the number of 2016 and 2019. There is great interest in glass art in Munster.

The conception of GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN 2022 also meant a great voluntary commitment. Throughout the exhibition period, the exhibition was supervised by local clubs, associations, organisations and some private individuals on a voluntary basis. Over 1,000 hours during the day and more than 600 hours at night in wind and weather were put in. This was an outstanding achievement that made this exhibition concept possible in the first place and deserves special respect.

The 12th International Exhibition GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN 2022 is a unique glass exhibition
- with international participation
- under the open sky
- open around the clock
- with free admission and
- a lot of voluntary commitment
This concept deserves a special status not only in our city.

Mayor Ulf-Marcus Grube expressed his special thanks to Andrea Holz, who bears the overall responsibility for this exhibition and who pulled all the strings together.

The glassblowers Jan Vyskocil and Maximilian Schlott from Niesenglass presented Mayor Ulf-Marcus Grube with a glass cup and a glass dragon as a thank you.

This was followed by the announcement of the audience award and thus the conclusion of the 12th International Exhibition GLAPLASTIK UND GARTEN. A total of 467 visitors took part in the voting and cast a vote for which work of art they liked best.

Third place with 35 votes went to the artwork "Iceland" by Gundula Menking. The work of art "Glockenglocke" by Helga and Ernst Marschke-Schaupeter received 46 votes and came in second.

First place with a total of 54 votes went to the artwork "Vogel 2" by Uwe Hempel and thus received the 2022 Audience Award endowed with 500 €.

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